Where do you train and play?

We train and play at the Fortitude Valley Pool. 432 Wickham St – Just down from the train station. It’s a beautiful Olympic size outdoor pool that’s deep at both ends and has a movable bulkhead that can split the pool in two.

Games are Tuesday nights from 7:30pm. Training is on Sunday afternoon. It is graded and each grade starts at different times.

Training fees don’t usually cover pool entry. You may want to consider a membership option which includes access to the gym.

What is Water Polo?

Water polo is a team water sport and it is the oldest Olympic team sport. The idea is to score goals in a net like soccer. It is an intense sport, but fortunately there are no hard surfaces. It can get rough though!

How do I join?

Join Us

We host Boot Camps twice a year. Boot Camps are a paid six week introductory water polo course. You’ll be amazed how quickly you learn and all the friends you make.

We also have occasional Open Days. Open Days are held during our normal training and it’s free for you to drop in and casually check us out.

If you’ve played water polo before then get in touch – we might connect you directly with our main training sessions.

Who can join?

You need to be at least 18 to join the Tritons. Otherwise we welcome everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, ability, etc. We just ask that you are respectful of each other’s differences.

Competitively we currently only have teams in the local men’s competition. But we are keen to start a women’s team soon!

What should I bring?

Swimmers, goggles, a towel, sunscreen, a water bottle and dry clothes to change into afterwards.

You can’t wear goggles, watches or jewellery in an actual game. You should also check that you don’t have any long nails.

How fit do I need to be?

For Boot Camp we have no expectations. Water Polo has its own set of skills and types of fitness so you might surprise yourself. You should be comfortable in the water and it helps if you can swim at least a few laps (the pool is deep). Come and try and see how you feel!

Do I have to play competitively?

We have ‘training only’ options for Sunday sessions. But playing in a league really fun so we’d encourage you to take part! We play in graded competition on Tuesday night and sometimes in Australian or international tournaments.

What if I’m shy?

That’s normal - we were all nervous the first time we joined.

We represent a wide variety of body types, age ranges and skill levels. We really don’t care what you look like. We’re here to play water polo, have fun and make friends.

Most of us wear speedos because it helps us go faster, but you’re free to wear whatever makes you comfortable. The showers are private and there are booths you can choose to change in if you want.

Do I need to be LGBTIQ to join?

No, not at all - everyone is welcome. But please be aware that our club is an LGBTIQ-friendly environment.

I’m over 40, can I still join?

Yes. We have players of all ages from 18 up into their 50s and 60s. Age is no barrier to joining the club.

I’m transgender, can I join?

We’d love to have you and will do whatever we can to support you.

There are separate men’s and women’s changing rooms and you can use whichever one makes you most comfortable. We expect everyone to use your chosen name and pronouns. We have a strict no bullying policy.

We’re still learning. If there is anything we can do to help than please let us know.

I’m disabled, can I join?

Water polo is a physical sport, so you’ll need to judge for yourself but we’ll do everything we can to help. There is a disabled bathroom, shower and change room at the pool.

Please let us know what will make things easier for you.

I’m a person living with HIV, can I still join?

Absolutely. Your HIV status is not an issue and you do not need to disclose your status to us.

Do you train through winter? Is it too cold?

Yes, we train through winter. And the pool is heated!

What else do the Tritons do?

We’re involved in the broader community. We often participate in Balls Out Bingo to help raise money for Queensland Aids Council or in fundraisers at the Wickham (who are our primary sponsors). We also have a healthy social calendar with events like our Christmas Party and Mardi Gras.

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